Xdrone HD Review | Really the Best Budget Drone?

A high-quality drone with an affordable price tag – Well! If this is on the search tab of your browsers lately, Xdrone HD appears to be what you are looking for. Engineered for Enthusiasts, to be exact. The basic idea of the brand behind this product is to make available, cost-effective drones for those who aren’t pure experts. If you are looking for Xdrone HD review then you are on the perfect webpage as we have shared everything you were searching for.

Xdrone HD Review

Today, we will hover around the pros and cons of the product. Know what exactly makes it an excellent choice for some. For a few, what might make it a choice not-so-good? However, we have tested the product well, and here is our research presented to you. 

Xdrone HD Review: A Hoax Or An Upright?

Xdrone HD is the latest development in the sector of drones. Designed and presented by a Drone Engineer, Arthur Bell himself. Over 5 years of research and development resulted in this easy-to-control drone, which is remarkably affordable for the price it is available in. What makes the drone this price-affordable? As the company claims that it saves money on advertising and let the customers do the talking about the product. This impression is robust enough of the brand this new. Isn’t it?

Xdrone HD is a multi-feature drone. It includes a smartphone application allowing it to be controlled via your smartphone. Giving it an advantage over the edge is its ability to Auto Follow. Know more about the Auto Follow Function further in this article.


Wireless range- 160 feet

Product weight- 0.8 pounds

Video Resolution- 720p

Battery Type- Lithium-Ion (2)

Product dimensions- 16.93*16.93*5.4 inches

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Perks Of Choosing X-drone HD

Modern and Compact

The severity of judgment beholds when one holds this piece of a magnificent enigma in their hands. The colors and the style of the material make it appear really modern, which is actually. Also, the Xdrone can be converted, to the size of a smartphone, just a little thicker when folded. So, overall it fulfills its criteria of compactness and contemporary appearance.

Light As a Feather

Now, what else one might need in a drone except its portability! Well, of course, a lot of things but hey, this one is actually light-weight. So, even if you miss a turn and the Xdrone hits the ground, it can’t break. Not a claim, but at least our trials at the field made us believe so.

Ultra-Wide Camera

To go out on vacation at hills, and to not take the cheers selfie with your gang! Sounds unreal, right? Hence, with the ultra-wide camera angle, capture and record each serene detail from the heights. Further, Xdrone brings in the possibility of high quality captures covering good canvas background. Adjust the position, mark the angle, and shimmer the smile. For this price range, seriously, this feature couldn’t get any better.

Stabilized Footage 

Shaky hands or a noob at control? Xdrone knows how to stay pro, whatever it may. With the advancement in present-day technology, this bird has artificially learned to correct the human-error, somehow. Consequently, Xdrone adjusts the still/footage through its ability to stabilize the camera. Not to mention, Xdrone keeps everything in High Definition.

Solid Build Quality

It is light in weight, absolutely. But not to mistake its mass with a compromise in quality. The plastic used is of such good grade, it feels like a brick. Moreover, there is an in-built feature that shuts down the motor system once the Xdrone gets stuck in a tree or grass. Giving users a real advantage to prevent any further machine or blade damage. Therefore, in conclusion, build quality stays top-notch.

Less Charge Time, More Flight Time

In the Specifications section of the Xdrone Review, we have mentioned the battery type used to power the machine.  Undoubtedly, this type is an entire crux at how it performs. In the blade efficiency, designing plays a significant role. Cut in such a way to produce maximum thrust, Xdrone’s blades prove the power efficiency, giving it a fly-time of 25 minutes in a go.

Unique Features Of Xdrone HD

Smartphone Controlled 

Now, why is this unique? Well, because this feature can only be seen in high-end devices at bank-draining prices. So, install an app, fill-in, and swoosh. 

Easy Installation

Easy three-minute installation sounds like a zero harm over new-product excitement. So, once it gets delivered, Johnny sanitizes it for his mental peace, picks out the batteries, attaches the blades, installs the app, and guess what! It’s hands-on.

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

3-axis Gimbal Stabilization is an exciting addition to features that make Xdrone HD, one of the easiest flying machines on earth, under 100 dollars. Perform, swings, loops, turns, hovers, and a lot more, all under 100 dollars.

Auto Follow Function

Xdrone HD proves itself as an ideal tool when it comes to ease out its own usability. It gets objects under focus and keeps them focused once instructed to do so. Guiding its own way in the air, with the minimum possible remote-controlling, Xdrone HD is available at a never seen before discount, click here to get yours.

Altitude Hold Sensors

Xdrone HD is equipped with high-end sensors that keep it stable under all circumstances. Likewise, Altitude Hold Sensors provides it the ability to stay at the desired height unless altered.

Drawbacks But Not Deal Breakers

Heavy Wind Affects Flight

As it would affect any other drone, anyways, turbulent wind affects Xdrone HD the same way. Therefore, the only con is that Xdrone HD is no exception when it comes to windy days.

Stocks Keep Running Out 

With such accumulated orders, the sale of these bad-boys happens like crazy. The stock arrives and goes in a blink. It comes obvious when all the other competitors charge six-folds as of Xdrone HD. 

Is Xdrone Available For My Country?

It is open for delivery worldwide. However, you can check out availability globally via their website.

Is There any Manufacturer Warranty?

Luckily, yes. You get two years of warranty. Also, there is an option to cancel your order. 

Closure | Xdrone HD Review

Closing this review, we would highly suggest our readers give Xdrone a try. Honestly, this machine is not to be used as a hardcore security drone camera. But this is definitely a go-to model to learn from, get it hands-on, grasp at how to fly drones, and a lot else at less than 100 dollars.

I hope that you found our comprehensive report titled “Xdrone HD Review” but if you have any other concerns then let us know in the comments.


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