Wyze App for PC and Mac | 100% Working Methods | 2021 GUIDE

Are you looking for a method to use the Wyze app for PC or Mac? Today, we are going to share some working methods to use Wyze app on your PC as well as on your Mac.


Always worried about the safety of home and family? Keys and locks aren’t satisfactory anymore? Well, Security cameras are the one to shrug your tension away. In search of smart and feasible security cameras, we gotta know about Wyze cam that is accompanied by a free Wyze app for PC and Mac.

Wyze cam alleges to keep an eye on your people all the time and instantly notify and record the unusual movements. Let’s take a read to know what this combination of Wyze cam and Wyze App for PC and Mac serves us with.

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Wyze App for PC and Mac| Ways to use on PC and Mac

Wyze Cam is the most preferable product in case of security cams as it also has a Wyze app for PC and Mac that is very beneficial to keep updated and unlock plenty of features. With Wyze cam’s handful of features, your home is safe and under surveillance even when you’re miles away. 

wyze aap for pc

Features Of Wyze App for PC

Let’s have a look at the features of Wyze cam and Wyze App for PC and Mac:


Wyze Cam with its quirky design looks different and gets a lot less attention from the visitors. Also, it is a pan-tilt-zoom camera ( PTZ ) so there’s no issue with it’s mounting. It can be kept anywhere inside the home/office. The thing that should be kept in mind is that the box consists of a 6-foot long power cord, mounting tape, and an adapter.

Field of view

The field of view is the area covered by the camera. In the case of Wyze, it has a 110° field of view to give the maximum coverage of the place. It can rotate up to 360 degrees horizontally and 93 degrees vertically to give a proper view of the area.

1080p HD resolution

Like other reputed brands, Wyze also has 1080p HD resolution to give the clear coverage of the home and make you feel home even when you’re miles away.

wyze app


It’s 8x zoom feature can help you notice even the smallest things, like where you kept important files!

Two-way communication

This is one of the best features of Wyze cam, two-way communication at this low price is very rare. Now, you can instruct your kid even when you’re far away.

Night Vision

Wyze gives us a clear night vision with its F2.0 aperture, IR-CUT filter, and 4,850nm infrared LEDs which provide black and white clear vision up to 30 feet even in total darkness.


We appreciate 14 days of cloud storage and local storage provided by them. Even an SD card can also be inserted to save the footage for a longer period.

Smartly Operated

Wyze Cam can be operated by Alexa and Google Assistant that means security with complete comfort.


Continuous recording can be done if an SD card is inserted. Time-lapse and motion videos can also be captured. 


Whenever something unusual is caught up by the camera, the user gets a notification. Apart from this, it has a smoke detection feature that rings a siren and leaves notification when smoke is detected.

Working Methods | Wyze App for PC and Mac

This app comes up with a lot of features to provide clear live streaming. This records motions make time-lapse videos, even the instructions can also be set-up on the app. Whenever something unusual is noticed by the camera, you’ll get notified. Wyze App for PC and Mac can be easily downloaded and connected to keep an eye on your place. All you need to do is follow some basic steps and BOOM! your place is under surveillance. Let’s follow the steps to install the Wyze app for PC and Mac and get the quality Live streaming.

Wyze App for PC – (Windows)

 To get the Wyze app for PC, We will be using an android emulator, BlueStacks. An Android Emulator is a tool that lets you access the apps which only run on mobile. So, let’s begin with steps

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your pc. Visit here to download it.

Step 2: install it on the system.

method to use Wyze app for PC

Step 3:  Now, login to google Playstore From the emulator.


Step 4: Search for Wyze App for PC on play store. You can visit here to download the app.

download wyze

Step 5: Download and install the Wyze app for PC.

Step 6: Give permission to the app to run in PC and experience the high-quality live streaming.

grant permissions

Wyze App for Mac

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your Mac. Click here to download it.

bluestacks to use Wyze app for PC

Step 2: Install it on the system.

Step 3:  Now, login to Google Playstore From the emulator.

Step 4: search for Wyze App for Mac on play store. *you can click here to download the app.

Step 5: Download and install Wyze app for Mac.

for mac

Step 6: Give permission to the app to run in Mac and watch the perfect live streaming of your place.

FAQs | Wyze App for PC and Mac

We have tried solving some most frequent questions about the product to cut the crap of your mind about the Wyze App for PC and Mac.

Is the Wyze App for PC free?

Yes, the Wyze App for PC and Mac is absolutely free.

Does Wyze cam consist of face recognition features?

Yes, It comes with a face recognition feature, but for that, you need to take the subscription of Wyze.

Can Wyze App for PC and Mac be used without the internet?

No, the app won’t run without the internet.

Is Wyze cam battery operated?

No, it isn’t a battery-operated camera. It only works when plugged in with the power supply.

Closure | Wyze App for PC

This was a guide to use the Wyze App for PC and Mac, stating the features of Wyze cam. This whole combination of a tiny smart security camera and app is Big Bang in a small packet. We really appreciate their effort to impress us with the best quality product at the lowest price.

A Wyze App for PC and Mac makes it easy to secure our home smartly on our fingertips. The product costs very less but they don’t skimp with the quality and serve us with the best at least.

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