11 Best Solar Powered Fans | Do They Work? (GUIDE)

Of all the stuff you might wanna consider for camping, solar powered fans comply to gain the number one priority in these days of summer. Summer is such a lovely bit in the tune of weather, with all the sun and grass and vacations. But, the sweat and dehydration accompany- the most undesired visitors along. 

Solar Powered Fans

We are happy to present our readers with the benefit of innovation. 21st Century is all about energy sustainability and compactivity. Here, in this article, we have listed and ranked the 11 best solar-powered fans, available on Amazon. However, our criteria for the certainty of performance and efficiency is tough so make sure to check all of the items presented, to find your best one. 

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Solar Powered Fans | List Of 11 Best Units

There are plenty of units that will create perplexing in your mind and eventually making it difficult to choose the ideal solar-powered fans. Follow through, for the best selection of Solar-powered Fans.

Gershoj Solar Fan 

best solar powered fan

Gershoj is the best solar-powered fan for camping because it does not only runs on solar energy but also is equipped with a camping lamp. It is backed up by Manufacturer’s guarantee, so it is a no brainer to immediately buy it.  Weighing around 1.32 pounds ( 600 grams ), it comes with features like ultra-low energy consumption, excellent heat dissipation system function and much more.

Gershoj Energia Solar Powered Fan
  • Operated by 30W solar module
  • Bracket for optimal angle of solar panel
  • Bag for easy transportation
  • Connection cable for 12V battery

This portable solar power fan has a compact and fashionable design along with a smooth and intelligent control system. Overall this mini fan is best for outdoor use being portable and compact with reliable performance and easy operation. If you are planning an outing, then this fan’s company will surely add to the amusement.

 Hereta Multi-Functional Solar Fan ( best solar power fan for camping)

portable solar powered fans

Hereta Multi-Functional Solar Fan is not only a fan but an all in one package. This fan comes with a radio, mp3, a table lamp, torch and the best of all, a cellphone charging function. This mini fan has pretty much everything you could ask for in a fan. This fan weighs around 2.16 pounds  ( 1kg ), the blade length is 5 inches. It includes 2pcs of 200mAh Lithium batteries.

Multi-function Solar Fan Electric Outdoor Fishing Fan with Radio/MP3/Table Lamp/Torch/Cell Phone Charging Function for Camping Fishing and Hurricane Emergency (yellow)
  • 5-Blade DC Portable Fan- uniquely designed for robust & silent performance; capable of 7 hours of continuous operation before battery re-charging
  • Clean, sustainable solar energy- provides photovoltaic power to re-charge the internal lithium battery
  • LED Desk Lamp- with 26 LED’s providing efficient lighting for general purpose illumination needs for about 9 hours
  • Power Supply Output 5V- provides power for, as well as the re-charging of: cell phones & other digital audio

Available in two colour options, yellow and green, this fan looks decent in both colours. 7 hours of continuous operation can be pulled off with a full recharge. This fan has USB and TF card ports along with FM radio system and an earphone jack too, all of which enable you to listen to your favourite music for 6-8 hours. Now, what’s better than music in an outing.

Tbest Solar Panel Powered Fan ( best solar powered outdoor fan )tbet solar power fan

This 5.2W 6V 8” portable mini USB solar cooling fan is perfectly ideal for home camping or fishing. It comes with a 5W USB powered solar panel which can also be used for other purposes like cellphone or laptop charging or anything compatible with USB.

Solar Panel Powered Fan 5.2W 6V Portable Mini USB Solar Fan Iron Cooling Fan for Cam Home Office Outdoor Traveling Fishing 8" Inch
  • USB POWERED - Compatible with computers, laptops, portable chargers and other devices with USB output. You get to feel a stronger refreshing breeze, even on the hottest of days.
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Easy to install and plug play, when turn on this switch, all outlets are ready to export power. Large area of solar panel and large capacity, charge most mobile phones,fan,lights.
  • SOLAR CHARGE - 5W solar panels can charge mobile phones, mobile power and other digital products.
  • PORTABLE FAN - Fits easily into any laptop bag, making it perfect for travel. Plus its light-weight design makes it even easier to carry with you than ever, so you never have to be the one caught sweating, even when you're on the go built to last and ideal for gyms, homes, offices, or warehouses and industrial use.

The whole package weighs about 1.9 pounds ( 930 grams ) and has a large capacity to offer, thanks to the large area of the solar panel. This lightweight  8” fan fits inside any laptop bag and is easy to carry around. The provisional availability of the solar panel makes it really portable within spaces for proper air adjustment without worrying about changing your place of comfort. 

Cowin Solar Fan 


If you are looking for a powerful performance, this solar-powered pedestal fan is the most suitable consideration on the list. Apart from general models, this one here is exceptional because of its speed adjustment system which offers 1000RPM on low speed and 1350RPM on high speed beside a remote-controlled system.

Cowin Solar Fan System - Solar Energy Fan (16’’ Blade), LED Light, 15W Solar Panel, USB Port, Comes with Outlet Converter
  • [Speed Adjustment]: The Solar Fan comes with 3 different speed modes with a low speed mode of 1000 RPM and a high speed mode of 1350 RPM.
  • [AC and DC Power Capability]: The Solar Fan can be powered and charged by DC power from 15W solar panel. In the event of little or no sunlight, or no charge, the fan can be charged through AC power adapter, which comes with the fan. Our fan is built with a rechargeable battery that comes with overcharge/discharge protection.
  • [LED Light and USB Port]: Our Fan has a built in LED light for illumination in the night. Electronic devices can also be charged efficiently with our fan’s USB port.
  • [Package]: Solar Fan (16 inch blade), 15W/18V Solar panel with 16.4 inch cable, AC adapter.

Made of plastic, this 15W fan system has a 16-inch blade which assures a wide coverage of airflow. Moreover, this fan is capable of running on both, DC and AC current as the case may be. A USB port enables you to charge your devices also.  It comes with a LED light for night light illumination

Yingli Solar Fan (best solar fan for house)

Yingli Solar Fan  

Now, if you want to consider a fan with 2 charging methods, one by a solar panel and second method being, by a 100-240V AC adapter, you can go for this one right here. This one also comes with a speed adjustment system with 3-speed modes. The fan weighs about 14.57 pounds. Besides, the built-in rechargeable battery of this fan has a mind-blowing feature that keeps the fan’s battery from overcharging and over-discharging.

Solar fan Table Fan Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan System Desk fan(12inch Fan blade) with 15W Solar Panel ,Assembly-free and Electric-free Easy for Outdoor,Household or Camping
  • [SPEED ADJUSTMENT]:Solar table fan with 3 speed modes and LED position indicator
  • [2 CHARGING METHOD]: This auto cooler solar fan can charged by 15w Solar Panel (5M cable) or by AC100-240V adapter.
  • [Safety] : Our DC solar powered fan built in rechargeable battery with overcharged and over discharge protection.
  • [LED LIGHT]: 27 pcs bright LED light with adjustable angle .

Yingli Solar Powered Fan also has a 27 piece LED light system with an adjustable angle. 12-inch fan blades ensure proper air delivery. The 15W solar panel takes about 4-5 hours for a full charge. The package comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

Yosoo Solar Powered Fan

Yosoo Solar Powered FanThis solar energy powered mini portable fan is perfect for hiking, fishing, outdoor travelling and all such things due to its extreme portability. Moreover, it can also be powered through a USB from a computer or a power bank etc. The speed of the fan depends on the intensity of sunlight when plugged from a solar panel.

Yosoo Mini Portable Fan USB Solar Panel Powered Fan for Cooling Ventilation Outdoor Traveling Boating Fishing Camping Car Ventilation System 8 Inch 5.2W
  • It is an USB solar energy powered mini portable fan perfect for use in outdoor travelling, fishing, hiking, picnic and so on
  • The fan starts to operate when plugged to the solar panel and it can also get power from other USB devices, such as power bank, computer, etc
  • The operating efficiency of fan will depend on the sunlight intensity while it plugged to the solar panel
  • With adjustable support stand, you can place it stably on the table and make this mini fan in a convenient angle

The portable powered fan has an adjustable support stand which enables you to adjust the fan’s position as you please at any convenient angle. This mini fan is very durable as it is made from a high-quality premium metal frame. The mini fan weighs around 920 grams. This 5.2W portable mini fan is a fine choice if you are considering portability. 

NUZAMAS Solar Powered Fan

This fan is powered by a 5.2W 6V solar panel made from polycrystalline material. The fan is 8 inches in size and comes with USB. You can use this fan in your yacht or caravan also. The fan’s position is adjustable at any convenient angle. This 8-inch fan comes with an individual switch, metal mesh and a 1.2m cable.

Yosoo Mini Portable Fan USB Solar Panel Powered Fan for Cooling Ventilation Outdoor Traveling Boating Fishing Camping Car Ventilation System 8 Inch 5.2W
  • It is an USB solar energy powered mini portable fan perfect for use in outdoor travelling, fishing, hiking, picnic and so on
  • The fan starts to operate when plugged to the solar panel and it can also get power from other USB devices, such as power bank, computer, etc
  • The operating efficiency of fan will depend on the sunlight intensity while it plugged to the solar panel
  • With adjustable support stand, you can place it stably on the table and make this mini fan in a convenient angle

Moreover, this can also be used for charging DC batteries with voltage under 6V. This fan is completely silent so it will not prove as a hindrance in your amusement. It weighs around 2.05 pounds ( 930 grams ). 

GOODSOZ Solar Fan System

This package contains a 10W 5V SunPower solar panel and a USB fan. This fan is easily portable and the best of all, the fan is recyclable and totally environment friendly as we all know, it is powered by a solar panel. The panel can also be used for charging other devices through the USB cable like cellphones or power banks. The solar panel is waterproof but unfortunately, the USB port is not.

GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan Outdoor for Home Chicken House RV Car Gazebo Ventilation System
  • Solar Powered Fan Ventilator for Pet house, Chicken house, Tree house, Dog house, Greenhouse, RV, Touring Car, Camping and etc
  • The solar powered fan is Easy portable, Green energy, Environmentally friendly and Recyclable.
  • Package includes 1 piece solar panel + 1 piece USB mini fan. The solar panel and fan can work separately and work together under sun.USB mini fan size 4 inches
  • The 5V solar panel has USB output, which can be connected to the USB fan or any USB product for charging. The panel is waterproof, but the USB port is NOT

This package is fairly good if you are looking to buy a system for a small space like a room but it might not meet your needs if you are looking for a fan to cool up a large hall or a big room. Also, the fan runs faster if you switch to speed 2 when plugged to a computer or a power bank and on speed 1 when plugged from the solar panel. 

Opolar Solar Powered Fan

This fan, manufactured by Halonix is great if you are looking for a small-sized fan as it has a direct adapter type charging option along with the direct solar charging option and it gives a backup of up to 10 hours after a full charge. The fan has a very high speed which is 1700 RPM which ensures high air delivery.

OPOLAR 10000mAh 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Fan, 4 Speeds Fast Air Circulating USB Fan, Sturdy Clamp Portable for Outdoor Camper Golf Cart or Indoor Gym Treadmill Personal Office Desk
  • Safe recharging and battery durability: This portable outdoor / indoor clip on fan is configured with a long-run durable 10000mAh polymer battery with great Micro-USB and USB-C charging ports for 2A fast recharging.
  • Dynamic design + 4 speed setting: The Desk fan is designed purposely to swirl faster and generate superior airflow. The fan is assembled with advance 8 inches blades to circulate wind multiple times faster than ever. The strong 3 speed setting + 1 energy saving setting provide you more comfortable choice.
  • Adjustable head and outstanding features: The fan comes in great covering that is proven safe for use along with great fast charging ports. It is a conventional product with impactful wind flow and air circulation.
  • Various features and functioning: The Desk fan ensures great compatibility in terms of features and functions to the users. The Fan is sorted with ultimate functioning like fast recharge; speed controls from LOW to HIGH, charge and discharge and protective SAVING modes. It is kept safer by fixing polymer battery to reduce the possible mishaps in handling.

Opolar Solar Powered Fan also has a LED light to lighten up the table. The fan contains 9000 mAh lead-acid battery and it comes with features like overcharging protection and full charge indicator. This fan has aerodynamically balanced blades that guarantee proper air delivery.  A 1-year warranty is provided by the brand from the date of purchase of the product. 


Maxxsun Solar Fan is a premium quality portable fan that is available on all major  Its price is quite high for the range and the performance, otherwise, Maxxsun fans are a very good choice for people who prioritize durability in their products. It can be used for outings, as well as for domestic purposes. For offices and meeting rooms, Maxxsun is the best choice for decent styling, if one can afford the price.

Maxxsun Solar Fan
  • High quality
  • Flawless finish
  • Less maintenance
  • Can be used in Homes, Offices, Hotels, etc..

Impex Breeze D-4 Solar Fan  

impex solar fan

This one right here comes with a 36 piece LED light system with an LED backup of about 90 hours and fan speed backup up to 8 hours which is fairly high. This fan has an inbuilt USB charging port and it weighs around 4 kilograms. It has 3 blades and contains two AA batteries which are included with the shipment.

The LED light is white which is more than enough for lightening up the whole area and which makes this deal a combo that provides for both your fan and light needs with the same device. This rechargeable solar fan is both AC and DC operated. 

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FAQs | Solar Powered Fans

What Are Solar Powered Fans?

Solar Powered Fans do not require to plug into your mains supply for functioning. They work on a particular wattage which is sufficiently produced by the solar panels provided with them, attached or individual. These fans are best for places with no electricity and also for camping and outing during summers.

Should We Buy Solar Powered Fans?

Yes, Solar Power is an inexhaustible source of energy. With these solar-powered fans- not only would you be saving high electricity bills but also fuels and a lot of energy. These fans do not require much input and can easily perform better on a DC supply with increased output.

Also, these devices do not require a lot of maintenance. Some of the solar-powered devices are equipped with batteries so that in cases of rain or night, users don’t have to wait for the sun to help them out.

Do Solar Powered Fans Work?

Yes, Solar Powered Fans work and they are a better performance rated devices as compared to the devices available under the same context. Solar energy is plentiful and easily accessible to all in all places. Your car, roof, garage, garden, lawn, forest, mountains, beach and all the places that can be recalled of.

Where Can We Use Solar Powered Fans?

You can use Solar Powered fans almost anywhere if it is good daylight. These are best for the places where electricity is not properly supplied or too many power cuts happen. Moreover, these are the best choice for caravans and RVs, to save your van’s battery on equipment.  You can also carry most of these devices along with yourself on camps and commutes so that you don’t have to worry about the fresh breeze.

Closure | Solar Powered Fans

In this blogpost on solar powered fans, we talked about all the aspects considered in purchasing the most suitable product. Solar-powered portable fans for home or solar fans for camping are almost the same fans which can be used as the user wishes.

Moreover, the ranking is only to justify the limited criteria of our reviewers. It is not a competitive result but a comprehensive list, enlisting some of the best solar powered fans available in the market.  If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the subject then shoot them in the comment section and we’ll respond to it shortly!

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