Ousykt Telescope Review | Scammers Everywhere? (Unbiased Reviews)

Ousykt, one of those websites that arise- ‘isn’t this too good to be true. 2020 has already been wrong, and we do not want our readers to fall more. Today, we are going to share an unbiased Ousykt telescope review and will discuss some doubtful and crucial points of the Ousykt website. One that seems so unreal is sometimes not good, but at times it is trustworthy of the market. 

Ousykt Telescope Review

Well, there wouldn’t be any way to know except to dive deeper into one of the products it offers. The Ousykt telescope was in the word of mouths a lot in the last few weeks. So, muster along with us to get to know more about the Ousykt.

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Ousykt Telescope Review| Is It A Scam?

The official website of Ousykt does offer some eye-catching products at incredible prices online. We can say that it is an online shopping window which is great at telling the buyers what they need to buy. But however, something seems so odd about this website. And it was hard for us actually to trust this website. Even though the link goes by https, but still, this is no significant guarantee that the whole website is safe. However, skipping any judgment, let’s start the report. 

Ousykt Telescope Review: Is it a scam?

About Ousykt Telescope

Ousykt telescope is a merchandise that is accessible on the website of Ousykt itself. This telescope passes by the moniker- ‘4K 10-300X 40mm super telephone zoom monocular telescope’. Implying something that is released in 2020, such a title would just be a lame tactic to lure the user’s attention. It is not very helpful at branding, and this is nearly absolute. And how absurd does it reflects on holding a 4k telescope at $50? Are those sleeping with no meat at midday simply to save bucks for buying a premium telescope, mere clowns? This satirical contrariety and suspense maimed simply by getting on the landing page of the website. 


Where Does Ousykt Operate?

According to the information that we were able to pull off on the website’s head office address, Ousykt operates at Marul Company Limited Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Lom=ndon, England, Wc1H9BB. But no such ‘contact us’ or social media links were available on the main website. It creates suspicion and an imbalance of thoughts.

What Are The Packages For Buying Ousykt?

There are preferably two packages available on the website with the product. There is a standard package and a luxury package. Let us discuss what the difference between these two is. 

Standard Package

  • Portable rope
  • Dust cover 
  • Cleaning cloth 
  •  Storage bag
  • Telescope. 

Luxury Package

  • Portable rope
  • Dust cover 
  • Cleaning cloth 
  • Storage bag
  • Phone Clip
  • Tripod
  • Telescope. 

Acclaimed Benefits Of Ousykt Telescope?

Ousykt Telescope is available only on its official website under 4K 10-300X40 MM Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular. Outysk telescope guarantees the laminating flux. The absolute resolution angle of the telescope is claimed to sync perfectly with your phone’s camera. It streamlines the advantage of nano-etching technology and nano-array technology.

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Moreover, thin-film mosaic and nano optical materials make it sure to reduce the lens’s flatness error by 10 nm. As intimated on the website, this telescope is developed by one Johns Hopkins University, under a novel headway technique for monoculars. The referred bulge of this analysis was upon granting maximum magnification possible from the smallest fissure.

Benefits Of Ousykt

Ousykt telescopes are capable of observing people or things from distances away. They also hold a built-in night-vision purpose that concedes its usability at nighttime. Moreover, it possesses unusual blur-out and autofocus highlights. This telescope has an anti-shake custom design with a gyroscopic tripod design. The shell body is of titanium alloy. Still, it weighs only 1.1 pounds. It is compact because subsequent retraction, it stretches to a length of 8 inches. Waterproof and dustproof design, along with sealed optics, provides improved water-resistance.

physical model

As claimed on the website, this telescope’s resolution angle is 47 times that of any primary telescope of the same diameter. They also challenge that their telescope touches magnification up to 300 times. All of these claims emerge too salutary to be accurate, in a first orb.

Why Does Ousykt Telescope Look Like A Scam?

  • Ocular Zoom is not even confining to the acclaimed 300 times, as claimed.
  • Auto-Focus is counterproductive if your subject stays moving. 
  • Tripod makes it obdurate to connect the pinhole to the phone camera.
  • As exemplified, the frame is not screen-optimized but viewed circular since it is a monocular.
  • Delivery time is the worst aspect of buying this telescope from the Ousykt website. 

Whether To Trust Ousykt Or Not?

The bitter truth is that it is better to sit bare on the roof, staring stars, instead have a telescope that is so off-bound with deliverables. What if you get the telescope on time but all your time meant to admire the universe wastes on tweaking the eyepieces and setting the aperture right. However, all we are saying that $50 may not be much to give it a try, but it is a total bummer to believe that those $50 will pay off rightly. 

However, it is your money, and it should be spent in the way you want to. Our motive was just to present an unbiased opinion on stuff that is available. It can prove useful for you or not. And if it does, please let our fellow readers know in the comments below. 

Closure | Ousykt Telescope Review

Ousykt website is not a scam, but it is a definite and utter con. In a way, this article on Ousykt Telescope Review focuses on unbiasedly representing the truth beyond the customer’s perspective. Some websites seek to capture eyes on them by presenting greedy quotations in the form of unbelievable deals.

These are mostly very untrue to the services they offer in claims. Stay secure and keep upgrading with our articles. Please leave your experiences down in the comments to help our fellow readers too.

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