Lumi Projector Reviews | YG300 – BEST OR WASTE?

Once in a lifetime, we dream of a perfect home theatre that eliminates our wishes for watching movies in theatres. Today, I will be discussing a recently launched projector that claims to offer quality at an affordable price— Lum Mini Projector by YG. If you are looking for Lumi Projector reviews, then you are on the perfect webpage, as we have shared almost everything about YG300.

Lumi Projector Reviews

Without a premium projector, the home theatre is incomplete, but choosing one is not as easy as purchasing candies for kids. There is a wide BIG market of projectors that makes it perplexing for a user to choose the right product. Thus, we at Blog Of Gadgets try to make your purchase easy & simple by reviewing these gadgets. 

Let us now move further to our subject that shares an unbiased overview of the Lumibee Projector.

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Lumi Projector Reviews

As said earlier, there is a variety of brands that offer projectors, but are they durable? No! Most of those cheap LCD projectors don’t even work for a month, and hence, choosing the right projector is very important. 

YG300, also known as Lumi Projector, has received so much hype because of its affordable pricing. YG wanted to produce a compact & premium projector at an economical price range, and so they did. But is the Lumi Project really worth it? Let us find out. 

Lumi Mini LCD Projector Projector
  • Bigger than BIG - Up to 220" projection.
  • Bright & Vibrant: 400-600 lumens & 800:1 contrast that rival high-end LED TV
  • True Theater Experience: With high native resolution for clear and bright images, provide exceptional display quality, make you enjoy lifelike images
  • Compact & Portable - 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weigh in at 6oz

Features Of Lumi Projector (aka YG300)

We all know the basic features of a projector, but unlike usual projectors, Lumibe Projector offers a lot more than just projecting display. Let us look at what YG has offered us through its YG300 (Lumi.)

Compact Size

As the name suggests, Lumi offers a compact & portable body that does not require a big room to set up. The math says— size = 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weighs about 6oz. If you have a small place, then you will certainly love the YG300 projector.


You might have already viewed and neglected those thousand dollars projectors getting sales because of their brand name. Unlike those Richie rich projectors, the YG300 projector is available at a very affordable price. Considering the specs of the Lumi projector, it is valued perfectly, making it a better option.

Bright, BIG & Clear

big screen of yg300

Lumi Mini LCD Projector enhances the user watching experience by offering colorful & clear projection. It offers 400-600 lumens & 800:1 contrast that performs better than many high-end displays. Although it does not offer HD 1080p resolution, the projection is pretty clear for small distances.

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YG300 projector offers wide compatibility and supports AV / CVBS / HDMI & USB ports. Apart from that, Lumi also works with multimedia devices that include computers, gaming consoles, DVD players, and others.


To make our report more precise, we would like to add some drawbacks of the Lumi Projector. Yes, it is not the best projector in the market, but you will not find a better one at this price. YG300 does not feature premium picture quality. You won’t get a crystal clear picture, but it is fair at the price it is valued at.

Closer (Should You Buy Lumi Projector?)

There are many Lumi Projector reviews that promote other affiliated brands by defaming Lumi. I seriously condemn this awful act of some review sites. 

If you are seriously interested in their offerings, then you can purchase it off and return if it does not fit your requirement. To our experts, YG is a customer-oriented brand that offers quality products at affordable prices. 

I believe there is nothing much to share about the Lumibee Projector, but if you have any doubts or suggestions, then please let us know. And do not forget to share this enchanting budget projector with your mates. 

4 thoughts on “Lumi Projector Reviews | YG300 – BEST OR WASTE?”

  1. I bought this projector wanting to project from my samsung cell phone. I bought a hdmi to c cord hoping to project what is on the phone screen. It didnt work. I haven’t tried any other equipment. I waited too long to return it.

  2. Do not place an order with this COMPANY. I order on dec 7th. They billed my credit Card on dec 8th. Item was never shipped. I emailed them twice and tried calling the phone which appears to only be a texting number. Cancelling the order and disputing the charge with my credit card. Very disappointed as this was intended to be a christmas gift.

  3. I ORDERED MY PROJECTOR ON DEC. 11. NEVER RECEIVED A TRACKING number. Never received my order. Can’t call. they don’t respond to emails. I’ve asked to cancel via email twice. Nothing. Going to call Shopify and see if I can get my money back. was supposed to have this before Christmas.

  4. Same experience trust me do NOT make any orders from this company. It Is A SCAM all the above REVIEWS are absolutely correct. Now I have to dispute the charges with my credit card provider. This was supposed to be my girlfriend’s main Christmas gift I was so disappointed. I just want to share awareness so this scammers don’t do this to more people.


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