How To Poke On Facebook? | Easy Step By Step Guide

Not sure about poking? In this blog post, we’ll guide you to “How to Poke On Facebook?” – Facebook changed how we used the internet; it established the foundation of social media for today. As we all know, Facebook dominates the internet, and you must be aware that it also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. However, Facebook used to be the talk of the town once, and people used to judge you by how cool your Facebook profile was. And Facebook introduced a lot of fun features to keep the platform exciting and engaging. One such feature was the poking feature. 

How To Poke On Facebook

Poking is a fun way to keep in touch with your friends and annoy the crap out of them at the same time. You can have fun or use it as an ice breaker with someone you have wanted to talk to. We know many of you have already switched from Facebook to more popular platforms like Instagram or Whatsapp. However, Facebook still has a monthly active user count of over two billion. So if you are on Facebook and want to try out this fun feature, stay tuned to learn how. 

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How To Poke On Facebook? 2021 Guide

Facebook was launched in 2004, and it gained users like crazy; Facebook became the cool new trend that lasted for a decade. Even when tik tok and Instagram dominates the internet in terms of active users, Facebook is not far behind with 2.6 billion monthly active users. 

We know you are not here to learn about boring facebook stats; you want to learn how to poke on Facebook and have fun with the feature. Don’t worry; we are here with a step-by-step guide for you that will teach you how to poke your friends on Facebook.

If you are new to Facebook, you probably have no idea what poking is and how it works. If that’s the case, then let us brief you about poking. 

What Is Facebook Poke?

Whenever you poke someone on Facebook, it sends your friends a notification that reads, “Your friend has poked you.” It presents you with options to poke back, dismiss the poke or ignore it. 

It is a fun way to annoy your friends or use it as a conversation starter, its pretty basic, we know, but when it was first introduced, everyone was doing it. However, the poking craze faded as soon as it was introduced. Now that you know what poking is let us tell you how to start poking your friends online. 

How To Poke On Facebook? |  Step By Step Guide 

Poking someone is pretty straightforward on Facebook; just follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to poke.

Poking on Facebook

Step1: In order to poke someone on Facebook, you must be their friend on the platform. 

Step2: Visit the profile of the individual that you want to poke. 

Step3: Once you are in the profile of that individual, you will see three dots next to the message option. Tap those three dots. 

Step4: After tapping, you will see a floating window appear on your screen. This window will have three options Poke, Report, and block, respectively. 

Step5: Tap “Poke,” and you have successfully poked your friend. 

That’s all there is to it; just follow these five simple steps and get poking. 


How To Reply To Someone’s Poking?

Facebook has separate notifications for poke so that you don’t mistake them with other notifications. 

When you open the “Poke” notification, you will see who all have poked you. You can poke back individually by tapping on the poke icon next to their names, or you can simply tap on the “Poke All” option on the top. This will poke all of the friends who have poked you. 

how to poke back

You can’t poke someone that’s not your friend on Facebook; you first have to befriend them to poke them. 

Be careful with poking someone as this little harmless-looking feature can turn annoying quickly; we recommend moderation. And do consider the fact that they can block you if you want. Be reasonable with it and poke only to get your friend’s attention. That’s all there is to it; try poking your friends and have fun with it. 

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Closure | How to Poke On Facebook?

Poking is a very basic feature of Facebook. A lot of people use it either for gaining attention or simply for fun. A lot of people are not acquainted with poking. As a result, we have provided a step-by-step guide. These five simple steps will teach you how to poke on Facebook. 

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