20+ Free Vudu Codes that Work 2021 (Hourly Updated)

Are you searching for Free Vudu Codes that Work? In this blog post, we have shared everything about Vudu and exclusive codes that are hourly updated on the site.

The OTT giants overshadow the smaller players in the market; hence there are chances you probably haven’t heard of Vudu. Vudu is an online streaming app but a lot different from its competitors. Unlike the other OTT platforms in the market, Vudu doesn’t force all the movies and series it has over you with a subscription plan. 

Free Vudu Codes


Vudu is not that popular for several reasons, and the most prominent one is the sheer dominance of Netflix and other OTT in the market. With Vudu, you can customize your watchlist and pay for the movies you want to watch. We will tell you the unique features that Vudu provides. And how it should also be in your mind next time you think of subscribing to an OTT platform. 

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Free Vudu Codes that Work 2021 (Hourly Updated)

Every OTT platform gives away some discount to expand its user base and get more subscriptions. These OTT platforms giveaway codes and credits that can be used to get a discount while subscribing. 

Now they aren’t that readily available, and they are mostly shared during the holiday seasons as people tend to spend more during that time of year. Just like any other OTT platform Vudu also giveaways codes that you can redeem to get a discount on your next movie purchase or rental. 

Free Vudu Credits

Vudu gives away plenty of codes in a year, and through several sources, we will tell you about all of them in this article. We scavenged through the internet to get you working free Vudu codes. These codes can only be used once and will run out quickly. Be quick to claim them, or else they might run out.

What Is Vudu? | Vudu Explained

Vudu is not like your regular OTT platform; unlike other platforms, that one all or none subscription plan Vudu gives you options. The option to choose what you pay for.  

In this day and age of Netflix dominance Vudu still stands out, and you will be pissed that giants like Netflix or Disney+ haven’t adopted it yet. With Vudu, you get options and the freedom to choose what you want to pay for. 

what is vudu

Vudu has a vast collection of movies and series, but you don’t have to pay for them all. With Vudu, you can cherry-pick the films or series you want to pay for. You can both buy or rent content on here. 

And not just that, you can also enjoy some free content on here; obviously, you will have to bear with some ads. It’s like an online version of Blockbuster, and you pay for only what you want to watch. 

Free Vudu Credits That Work (2021)

We have looked all over the internet to get you some working Vudu codes. There’s a scarcity of working Vudu codes on the internet as they run out very quickly. 

These codes we have provided are new and haven’t been used yet; Vudu codes expire quickly and can only be redeemed once. If you tried all the codes and none worked, then chances are they are claimed by someone else. 

But don’t worry; these codes will be timely updated, and if you are in a hurry, leave us a comment, and we will provide you with a working Vudu code at the soonest. 

Try these below-mentioned codes and make sure you copy them correctly as they are case-sensitive. 

  • FreeFamilyFun

Refresh Codes

Working Vudu Credits | What Are Vudu Credits? 

Walmart owns Vudu, and they have adopted a way of promoting their OTT platform to their customer. 

So to make their deal on products much more attractive to their customers, they offer free Vudu credits on their products. These Vudu credits offer a discount of up to $5 on their app while purchasing or renting content. 

These Vudu credits are pretty much on every product in Walmart; this way, Walmart boosts their supermarket sales and gets more downloads of the Vudu app. Two birds with one stone, quite impressive. 

These credits can be found on the internet, as some customers are generous or prefer different OTT platforms. We have collected some new Vudu credits that you can redeem. 

Be quick, or they will run out. 


How To Buy Or Rent A Movie On Vudu?

Buying or renting a movie or series is pretty straightforward. We have explained it in a step-by-step manner. 

  • Open www.vudu.com on your browser or download the app.
  • Sign up for free. 
  • Pick a movie that you want to buy or rent. 
  • Check if the movie is available for purchasing or renting.
  • If it’s available for renting or buying, then just pay the mentioned amount and enjoy. 
  • In case the movie is not available for renting or buying, just wait till it is. 

That’s all there is to it. 

How To Redeem Vudu Codes?

It is straightforward to redeem a Vudu code, you just have to follow three basic steps, and you will successfully avail your discount. 

Vudu codes are single-use only and are case-sensitive. If they don’t work, the chances are that they are already redeemed, or you have made an error while entering the code. 

How to redeem Vudu Codes

The steps to redeem your free Vudu are mentioned below. Make sure you have a working Vudu account before trying to redeem the code. 

  • Once in the app or webpage, go to redeem page.

how to redeem vudu codes

  • A page will appear with a blank box, just copy your code and paste it in the box. 
  • Click Submit.
  • Once you hit submit, it will check for the authenticity of the code. If the code is authentic, then you will get a “Successfully Redeemed” message. 

That’s It. That’s how easy it is to avail of a Vudu code. As we said, make sure that you copy the code exactly, these codes are case sensitive. 

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Expired Vudu Codes | Worth A Shot?

If you were looking for Vudu codes online, you must have seen some articles mentioning expired Vudu codes. These articles mention some used or expired codes and give you hope that they might work later. 

expired Vudu Codes

You must be wondering, are they worth a shot? No, they are not. Think of it this way; an OTT server is not going to forget a redeemed code. All this data stays in the server, and you can’t cheat a server just by hoping that it might forget. It turns out computers don’t have human flaws. 

We suggest you don’t waste your time over these expired codes. There are plenty of working free Vudu codes on the internet. You must be thinking if the expired codes have no chance of working, then why do they share them? The sole reason is to stuff more codes in their articles; they try to seem more enticing by adding more codes.

They try to capitalize on the desperation of their audience. You don’t have to worry about them. The codes we have shared are working and have not yet expired. 

FAQs | Free Vudu Codes

Does Vudu Have A Subscription Plan? 

No, Vudu does not have a subscription plan like other OTT platforms. You will have to buy or rent content in order to watch it. However, it has plenty of free-to-stream content. 

How Do I Get Vudu Codes? 

You can get Vudu codes from various sources. Walmart gives away free Vudu codes with its products. Not just that, they giveaway various codes and discounts during the holiday season as well. 

But you don’t have to scavenge for these codes from anywhere else; we have provided you with them. 

Is Vudu Worth Trying? 

If you love the freedom to choose and are don’t stream that frequently then surely Vudu can be an excellent fit for you. You will have to pay only when you watch something, which is way more cost-effective than paying for a subscription that you don’t even make full use of. 

Does Vudu Have A Free Subscription?

Vudu does not provide any subscription plan. You can only buy or rent movies and series individually according to your liking. 

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Closure | Free Vudu Codes 2021 

Vudu is an excellent option for people who like to stream their preferred content only. This app provides a handy feature of paying for only what you want to watch. There’s no point in owning stuff that you are not going to use. 

Vudu trumps other OTT platforms in terms of content flexibility. Even though Vudu is a cost-effective way to stream your favorite movie or series, it can get expensive if you buy many movies at once, and a discount never hurts. 

We have provided you with free Vudu codes; these are 100% working codes and will get you a sweet discount on your purchase. Try them before they run out. If you think we missed something, feel free to write to us down below. And if this article helped you save some extra bucks, then share it with your friends. 

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