[FIXED] iPhone 12 Battery Drains While Using MagSafe Battery Pack

If you have recently bought an iPhone12 or updated it- I can tell you the experience is impressive. However, this is oblivious and disappointing even after spending a heck load of money. Some people are coming through issues like the one discussed here. iPhone 12 Battery Drains While Using Magsafe Battery Pack. And to discuss it more, about the dos, don’ts, and fixes. Stick with the article till the end. Muster Along. 

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iPhone 12 Battery Drains While Using MagSafe Battery Pack 

“The issue is that even if you resolve the issue, the issue still exists.”

Now, however vague this must sound if you are going through the battery drain problem, you know what I am talking about. I plugged in my lighting cable while I thought this would reset any wireless charging issue already, and it did. But did it last? I bet on my bucks, and you can’t seem to solve it. MagSafe looks pretty. But do you know it could be fake? But how could an apple utility be fake? Why could it not be? It depends on where you get it from. I bought it from a friend’s store and the day the issue occurred first was the second day of my purchase. So I called my guy to ask him why it is happening. He told me that maybe my software is not synced with the MagSafe. Or it might be that when I put my phone on the charge with the case, this starts reverse-charging. 

iPhone 12 Battery Drains While Using MagSafe Battery Pack 

And you might all go to the discussions.apple.com but has it ever been fruitful except to make you bang your head on the internet wall? People like me are addressing the problem there just to get a mock reply on how to optimize your battery by setting screen brightness to Auto-adjust. And this one, in particular, got my blood boiling in full. 

Why Does MagSafe Charger Drain iPhone Battery? 

To make matters worse, your problem (including mine) carries a lot of chances to get a label of ‘rumor’; If you want to read more on this, you can head on to this link. The possible reasons as to why your iPhone 12 is draining more battery than drawing, from Magsafe, could be: 

  • iOS of your iPhone is running on beta version 15 (which is not yet compatible with MagSafe)
  • iOS of your iPhone is running an un-updated version, i.e., 14.6 or less. (rather unlikely)
  • Your MagSafe Pack is damaged or incompatible.
  • Your MagSafe Pack could be a fake replica (very possible, don’t trust third-party sellers)
  • Battery Health is below 70 %
  • MagSafe isn’t charging (I had to say this)

So, be it any or none of the above issues, what could you ever do to expect a charge when you put the iPhone to MagSafe? The answer could not be satisfactory but, drain the MagSafe to a different device. And then recharge it to full, keep it for a day, and then attach it to the iPhone. 

Note: This step is useful to some, as it worked for me but didn’t work for the friend from whom I had bought MagSafe. He has registered a replacement email which hasn’t been replied to yet, in hopes that the next MagSafe might work on his phone. I could not tell if it was going to happen. For $99, I could have gone for a Galaxy A12 altogether but that’s a personal opinion. 

iPhone 12 Battery Life | MagSafe Battery Life

For any Qi-compatible device, MagSafe works, but it is built for iPhones. And do not expect it to become a sweet solution for your mega-usage needs. It can only suffice for upto 80 percent of the battery, which could take upto 100 minutes or more depending on usage. For your knowledge, MagSafe is a mere pack of two similar batteries.

Each battery combines upto a total of 1460 mAh. With 7.2 Volts, I hope you know that your iPhone 12 runs at a whopping 3687 mAh battery. With good usage, your iPhone can last upto 8-10 hours, in general. And when you get the MagSafe Pack, you carry an additional battery time of 6 hours at best. One of those painkillers on the battlefield which don’t let you feel the pain a while after being shot, isn’t it? 

Keep in mind that MagSafe never reaches 100 percent charge on your iPhone. This is not recommended and is particularly harmful to battery longevity. Plus, also while charging, makes sure that the phone is in an airy place. At times, when the device temperature increases, charging seems to stop. 

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We don’t live in a perfect world. And to expect bugs while still expanding a fortune on a fruit-bitten case? I hope you all got some insight and empathy on the topic of this article. Recommending steps on what to do when your iPhone Battery Drains While Using MagSafe Battery Pack feels like a load taken off.

You can comment on your problems and worries as we sort them out one by one. I hope you particularly got some help from this one. If you are still stuck in a loop, write down to us in the comment section below.,

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