Best Fake Discord Message Maker 2021 (How-to Guide) 

When you feel spiritless about the stereotypical activities in life, discord can be your rescue. Connecting with friends online and teaming up to play games can be your thing to do. However, how about playing pranks on your friends with fake messages? Yes, one can reasonably do the same to fool their friends. A Fake Discord Message Maker tool can help you in this regard. To learn more on the topic, hang around with us as we take you through its titbits.

Fake Discord Message Maker

Discord is one such platform that enables you to reach out to other gamers and connect with them. People sharing similar interests in a particular game can join a specific server and get their purpose solved. However, apart from that, one can derive other entertainment from the interface. Creating fake messages to fool your friends can be one of them. Whatever may be the scenario, staying safe and being careful is of ultimate priority.

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Best Fake Discord Message Maker (Ultimate Guide) 

Be it for entertainment or creating an advertisement, fake messages on discord serve both purposes. Online tools are available in plenty for you to grab your hands on. All you need is to go to your respective browsers and search for ‘Fake Discord Message Maker’. But that would take you time to search out for relevant platforms. Therefore, here we are to save all your valued time and effort. Each word of this article is for you to read and get your desired source in hand.

Creating fake messages is not much of a big deal. You can change the username, nickname, date, time, and text of the message. Everything is in your favor. You can either change or replace any part. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well, this is one of the great methods to put your friends in a state of confusion. Also, one can take up mass advertisement campaigns through this method. If you find it fascinating, help yourself learn how to do it and what tools can help achieve it.

Best Fake Discord Message Maker Tools

It is not only the tools that can help you get your job done. It can be conducted through any internet browsing platform. All that you need is an established discord account and a browser. Also, it is to be noted that one cannot perform such an activity from the discord desktop application. The developer tools required are not available on the desktop application. However, the process might be a bit tedious on the internet browser. Thus, online tools are perhaps the best option for most users. Let’s take a look at some of the online tools:

Embed Editor

This online tool deals explicitly with generating fake messages on discord. It has each field of the message differentiated, and you can add comments as per your preference. Alongside, you also get to pick variations such as title, description, URL, color etc. Thus, to put it in simpler terms, it is nothing other than the sheer customization of a message you wish to send to another user.

discord fake message by embed

Apart from this feature of the platform, there are specific backdrops as well. A piece of good knowledge and awareness on the formatting of discord can help you operate Embed Editor. Comparing your framed message with the discord message format is only going to be time-consuming and tedious. But, it is still a better option for you to try it out.


This platform too focuses on creating discord messages that are fake in nature. You get to customize the text you want your friend to use. You also get the privilege to make it appear to be sent by a specific user. Either creating or reproducing a discord message, you can do it all with the help of this platform(online tool). With just a few steps, you are all good to go with the message of your choice.

wannabe1337 fake discor

Inputs such as date, username colour, custom username, and a discord Id are vital to generate the fake message. Also, a field specifically needs you to type in the message you want to create. Following these steps, you need to verify that you are not a bot and click on generate to proceed.


This particular platform is a bot-based tool that helps generate fake messages on discord. The cloner bot pretends to act as another user and send messages to other users. The process is simple and highly convenient to be in use. Even if you are not well aware of the different ways to generate fake messages on discord, you can very well opt for cloner. It is highly suggestive that you need to run clone send ( name of user) (message you want to send).

You are done; the bot is for you to get its job done. All you need to do is log into cloner and get the necessary done. In no time, you will be fooling your friends with random and weird messages beyond their expectations. You can definitely try this out, as it sounds so much fun.

Guide To Using Developer’s Tool

Apart from online tools, one can also opt for using the standard method of using the developer tool. It enables you to either change or edit as per your requirement. Ranging from messages to the date and even username in some instances lies on your hands. With just any internet browsing platform, you are all good to go about with it. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Log into your discord account through an internet browsing platform and not a desktop application.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots displayed on the upper right-hand corner of the page
  3. After it shows the options, click on ‘more tools’ to further find an option for ‘developer tools’
  4. Enter a chat room in discord while keeping the developer tool option open
  5. Inside the developer tool, find out a rectangle with a cursor on the right-hand upper corner
  6. Once it turns blue, rest assured, you can start off
  7. Look for any text you want to edit, or even you can create a new one

Guide To Using Developer's Tool

For editing

  1. Select any text you want to edit; when you select it, it turns blue automatically
  2. After clicking on the message, a string with a message code will appear on the screen
  3. Add the message in the string and double click on the same
  4. Finally, type in the statement of your choice that you wish to send

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For creating new text

  1. On the string shown, click on the three dots that appear at the beginning of the string
  2. Copy and paste to see the message appear again
  3. Double click the message and erase it to create a new message

Also, for changing or altering the username or date, a similar procedure needs to be undertaken. Thus, you need to follow each step clearly while on the browser for getting the ideal message. The developer’s tool is also an equally effective method of generating fake discord messages. Hence, it is on you to decide on which way to opt for.

fake message makes for Discord

Closure| Fake Discord Message Maker

Faking messages on discord is not really difficult to do unless you happen to be tech-savvy. The usual method of using the web browser must be challenging for you. But, a Fake Discord Message Maker can well be your ideal alternative. These tools are meant for use in regard to creating fake discord messages. All you need to do is generate the type of message you want to send to a particular user.

However, though the experience might be fun and enthralling at your end, staying safe is another concern. Most people and especially gamers have been in the use of the discord site so far. Some of the instances of fraud and cons have been a part of using discord. Therefore, it is part of your responsibility not to share personal information and transactional details.

Keeping safety and preventing the atmosphere from fraudulent interruptions is a priority. Though the platform discord offers innumerable gaming options, such drawbacks need to be kept in mind.


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