Facetime App for Android | Can You Get Facetime on an Android? (GUIDE)

My sweet momma uses an iPhone, and I am a fan of refashioning. In simple words, I keep changing my android phones to the latest and different models as they hit the market. Big Deal? Yes, we do not have a Facetime app for Android yet. So whenever we want to connect, it has to be either on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, as we stay in distant cities.

Facetime App for Android

I have been looking for a Facetime app for Android for a long time. This need wasn’t foolish since we do have Apple music for Android in Google Play Store. Thus, it supported my impulse to find Facetime for my Android, just like iMusic.

This keen fancy led me to some exploration about the same, which I performed for myself. A few days ago, a colleague of mine shared her problem. She told me she needs something like Facetime for her Android. It made me believe that people must aspire to know more about this. So, if you have come this far, Let me assist with some quintessential aid.

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Facetime App for Android | Why Do We Need This?  

The answer is as simple as it gets- because of its ‘simplicity’. Not only the design of the app feels comforting to eyes, but also the optimization of it, that we only get to experience in the Apple products.

Why Do We Need Facetime for Android?

As far as the performance of the application goes, Facetime is always the number one choice when it comes to video calling. Now, this is not an implication, just because of the popularity of Apple. It is famous for a reason, and below you will find some:

Why Is Facetime So Popular? (Perks)

Listed below are few upcoming/existing features of the Facetime app, to support the answer to the question;

  • Facetime is the simplest and easiest apple facility to switch between an audio call, a text message, or a video call as well, which is its primary function till now.
  • It can easily integrate both sides of the phone, via primary and selfie cameras for video calling.
  • The looks of the Apple Facetime Video Call are very realistic, with better quality than any other video-calling app.
  • It is cellular data-optimized, so it does not cost you a hefty internet bill to be on it.
  • It is free for Apple users as a premium function of a premium smartphone.
  • Does not cost anything except minimal Internet usage.
  • Screen Resolution and dimensions of iPhone/iPad/Mac are well integrated and designed, offering a superb combination when mixed with a Facetime Video.
  • Facetime was one of the first accessible and working video calling facility, so, in terms, Facetime defines Video Calls in Apple Smartphones.
  • It came up with the feature to let users watch themselves, too, as a small PiP image on the same screen so that they may adjust themselves while on a call.
  • Audio on Facetime, associated with the video call, has never been an issue of the complaint, unlike any other app you may find online.

Can You Get Facetime on an Android?

No, there is no Facetime App for Android, and for well-established reasons, it will not be there any time soon. Honest opinion is that if anything online claims to be Facetime, it is a total blunder. You should not go bananas, after learning that Facetime will not be available on Android, because there are ways in which an IOS user can video call with an Android user, and vice-versa.

Things go well on the things they are meant for. Think of mangoes on an orange tree, how disturbing!

Can You Get Facetime on an Android?

Further, in this article, you will find a list of apt applications that will help you video call between IOS and Android devices, just as ideally as Facetime.

8 Apps Like Facetime on Android (Facetime Alternatives for Android)

Google Duo | Free

Google DuoAlso known as the ‘highest quality video calling app.’ It is a perfect video calling application for Android Users. This app is specially made for Android smartphones. But what’s better? It also works on the IOS platform.

So, with this app, connecting through a video call with your loved ones is as easy as with Facetime. The trust over Google’s privacy policies and the optimization by Google LLC creates a robust framework to provide the highest video quality and peace of mind. 

Google Meet | Free

Meet by Google - Potential Facetime Alternative

Optimized for hosting video meetings and online conferences, Google Meet has been on the hit-lists in the last few months. This app is also by Google, so it meets all the quality standards, which allowed us to decorate it here in our list of apt video calling applications.

Some Features like Present-Screen will enable users to present whatever they do or run on their screen to the others connected. This app lets you create a room, and the other users can connect via a link and password. Also, users can mute their video, and hide their video, and text simultaneously with the video call. It is not only fast, secure, and fun but also a professional digital application

Google Hangouts | Free

Google Hangouts has been there for a long time. It is effortless to use. Once you install it on your phone, it syncs with your Gmail account and lets you connect to the other users via their Gmail IDs.

You do not require your phone number to sign-in. Its interface is fundamental, and it also allows you to chat with your friends, family, or colleagues alike. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, thus stabilizing its versatility. 

Justalk | Free

Justtalk App

When I first installed Justalk, I introduced it to my team and asked everyone to join me. It surprised us to monitor a constant HD quality video calling. We mingled up with the bandwidth a little.

Somehow Samantha, a beautiful yet a poindexter in our team, knew this bandwidth mingling better. So, it turns out to be true what they claim- ‘constant video quality over any network except 2G’, which is pretty acceptable. Moreover, there is an interactive and creative feature of live doodling. Oh! Lookout young love-birds, what are they up to?

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Skype | Best Facetime Alternative for Android


Skype created so much hype when it was first launched, that it became a Microsoft app pretty soon. Well, nothing sounds better when it comes to online interviews or meetings. ‘Skype’ is on the tongue of each professional, today, in the world.

Skype is one of the most popular Facetime alternatives among Android users–  thanks to its intuitive design, colors, and simplicity. This app is cross-platform and is elementarily free to install. You can also call anyone on their phone numbers using Skype, but this feature costs some bucks.

Cisco Webex | Free with in-app purchases

This is a new advancement from San Jose, California. Just as good as any other video calling app plus one. Why is that? Because Cisco Webex is a meeting organizer, meeting presenter, scheduler, and surveyor, all in one with its primary function to make video calls and conferences up to 100 people at a time.

It can easily be voice commanded via Google Assistant as well as Siri, including customizable video layouts too. Besides, it is easy and collocative to use this app. 

Facebook Messenger | Free, Limited Usability

facetime alternatives -- Facebook

If you do not wish to install any other application except the Facetime, you still should not worry. With Facebook Messenger, it is effortless to connect with a person on the other side as long as they are on Facebook, too.

Video messages are another thing, but Facebook now allows the very best feature of one-to-one video calling around the world. The only problem is in areas where Facebook is under a ban. Users do not require a phone number or mail to connect. All they need is a Facebook ID and the Messenger app on their phone.

Whatsapp Messenger | Free, Limited Usability

Facetime App for Android -- WhatsApp

If you have a smartphone, you have Whatsapp. As important as it sounds to be on WhatsApp, it offers a good quality video calling experience too.

Whatsapp Messenger Video Call can be connected with any person who is on WhatsApp. Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted, so it is very reliable and trustworthy. Moreover, it does not require any select purchase or registration to use the video calling facility. Anyways, It does have a limitation of eight users at a time on a single video call.

Closure | Facetime App for Android

This article mainly features Facetime App for Android and intends to help the readers who are stuck in a loop with no solution. There is nothing wrong with expanding, but we also do not want our readers to get robbed by a scam or welcome malware into their devices by trusting these fake claims online that promise legit Facetime app for your Android!

Facetime is a proprietary and exclusive feature for IOS users, which is not and will not be available in any other platform except the Apple ecosystem. If you are motivated enough to embrace the Android around you,  let us know, and we will be happy to provide you with some more enchanting Android apps.

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