12 Apps like Whisper With Awesome Features (Whisper Alternatives)

Are you searching for apps like Whisper? Do you want to share your thoughts and views about someone without even letting them know about you? Well, this script has everything you are searching for. In this article, I am going to share some fantastic anonymous texting apps like Whisper. 

Apps Like Whisper

Whisper is an anonymous social networking site that allows you to chat, rant, and share media with random people without the fear of being judged and letting them know about yourself. There are many similar apps like Whisper, which you can check out to make your social media life enjoyable.

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Apps like Whisper | List Of 12 Robust Alternatives 

The listed apps like Whisper will help you express yourself without even revealing your true identity. I have listed 12 applications that fit to be an excellent alternative to Whisper. 

Sarahah (One of the Most Popular Apps like Whisper)

Sarahah is, no doubt, one of the best anonymous texting apps. You can confess about your feelings with the people you love and spread positivity around. The main motive of the developers behind this app was spreading positivity and love all around and making people feel good about themselves.

Apps like Whisper

The word ‘Sarahah’ is of Arabic origin, and itself stands for ‘honesty.’ So if you want people to know about your lovely honest opinion without revealing your identity and help them feel positive and happy about themselves, you can surely go for this app like Whisper, Sarahah.

Sarahah has excellent features for protecting your privacy, and this is the sole reason for its huge popularity among teenagers. Just with the help of app settings, you can edit the audience you want to interact with and avoid strangers from reaching out to you. You can also share your Sarahah account link on Instagram so that people there can interact with you with their identity is hidden and tell you about their feelings, which they were not able to tell in person. 

The main agenda of Sarahah is to encourage constructive behavior among its users, and so you can immediately block the people spreading hate and negativity out there.

Cost: Free.

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Another astounding application that fits the Whisper alternative— Connected2.me. This app also has a large user base so far, and it connects with you so many people across the globe. One of my favorite features of Connected2.me is that it helps you to interact with random people, and it is completely anonymous. 


You need to create an account with some necessary information, which is again optional. Once you are done, you can chat with all the users, and their data will also be hidden until they want to share it with you. It allows you to follow users with whom you would like to talk later. You can also link your account with your Facebook and Twitter so that your friends there can also confess to you being anonymous and let you know about things they were never able to due to any reasons.

Connected2.me is a useful application as you can gain and share knowledge and learn many things while interacting with people in the world and even chat with celebrities and great people. It also helps you to get to know about the culture, dresses, cuisines, and lifestyles of different places in the world. 

Summing it up, Connected2.me is an excellent alternative to Whisper, which you can definitely try.

Spout (One of the Best Apps like Whisper)

Alike Whisper, next in the list comes this astonishing anonymous chatting app Spout. Spout enables you to communicate with startling people in your locality or even around the world while your identity remains private. As you move from one location to another, Spout helps you to connect with spouters present in almost every nook of the world. 

Spout Anonymous | Alternative to Whisper

You will have to follow specific guidelines issued by the developers. You need to be at least 18 years old to be a spouter. When it comes to anonymity, the Spout is an absolutely great option to whisper as you don’t need to sign up and provide any information about you. Simply download the app and start to get connected with the people near you. 

You can also personalize the type of people you want to communicate with based on their interests, location, trending, etc. Also, the exciting aspect of this app is Spoutcoin. You earn more and more Spout coins as you get to know more people and connect to them.  It also provides you the convenience to direct message the people with whom you wish to stay connected. Also, here you can share and vote on various topics that attract you.

So, Spout is an astonishing app, and you can surely give it a try. 


Just like Whisper, this is also an anonymous texting and interacting app. Moco is a platform where you can look for strangers and have some engaging discussions without being a victim of cyberbullying as your identity remains hidden. You can be friends, chat, and even play games with people in your neighborhood or around the world.


Besides, there are a lot of customizations you can make to your account. You can either make it public or a private account. So, people will only be able to see your shared information if you allow them by accepting their request. 

Once you create your account, you are free to interact with anyone you like. You can also join chat rooms or create one of your own. Moco is a user-friendly application that provides 24*7 support to its users. Besides, you can discuss absolutely anything you want to. However, the number of people you add to your chatrooms is still limited. 

Cost: Free 


While moving further in the list of apps like Whisper, another comes is Steam. It is a robust, indulging, and recreational anonymous networking app. Steam is developed by the valve group, which now has over 50 million users. 

Apps Like Whisper - Steam

With Steam, you can take part in numerous exhilarating games. The best part about Steam is, it allows you to add your own games and take delight in the games uploaded by other users. It gives you a chance to exhibit your creativity and communicate with astounding people as well.

Cost: Free. 


The next alternative to Whisper is a popular platform called Chatous. It helps you to interact and chat with so many people across the globe. You can find chat rooms related to the topics which fascinate you using hashtags or even create your own chat rooms. 

When it comes to privacy, Chatous keeps its word. It keeps your identity hidden, and your messages are deleted within a few days. Also, selecting topics of your interest enables you to meet new people who share your interests and give you a great company and help you enhance your pool of knowledge. 

In my view, Chatous is an excellent app with remarkable features so you can go for it. You can use it for absolutely free of charge, and that makes Chatous worth trying.


Babble is an anonymous social networking platform that enables you to express your views, fears, opinions, and confessions without the fear of being judged. The app focuses on encouraging a sense of honesty and constructive nature among its users. 

One of the most fun apps like Whisper

It has an excellent user-friendly interface with complete protection to your identity and has over 100k downloads on Google PlayStore.

Babbles provides you with an exciting feature by which you can add to your stories and view other’s stories and also react to them via emojis; this helps you to make your conversations fun.

Cost: Free.


In the catalog for apps like Whisper, it comes to a potential app Jodle. Jodle is an anonymous chatting and media sharing app that links you with the people in your locality. It supplies specialties like discussing and voting for essential issues trending in your area. You can always have a check on whatever is going on in your nearby areas, with your identity totally hidden. 

Jodle | Apps Like Whisper

You can also add and share photos addressing the crucial issues. Jodle connects you with people living nearby and helps you have easy access to the local information. 

So putting it in a nutshell, jodle is a startling app that lets you communicate with amazing people in your locality. 

Stranger Chat

There are times when we get enough of our daily monotonous lives. Well, this app is perfect for that period as it enables you to spice up your social media life by interacting with totally random people. And so it has made its place in our list of best anonymous chat apps like Whisper. 

Stranger Chat

You can be friends with some good people who match your thoughts to your friend’s list. This app has excellent privacy protection and does not save your chats. It automatically gets deleted in a few days. 

Cost: Free. 


Reddit does not require any introduction as it is widely popular on the internet and has 100k+ active users from all over the globe. You can share your views on significant topics, be it national or political issues, science and research, space, cooking recipe, and much more.


Reddit has communities that you can join as per your interest and go private with whoever you want to. It is free for everyone to discuss, vote, and chat anonymously on anything.

You can add pictures, share your ideas and views within your community, and ask people for their opinions on your problems. Reddit mainly focuses on making its users wiser and responsible.

Cost: Free 


Rooit is a powerful alternative to Whisper, which is gaining immense popularity. It features an enchanting interface. So, you don’t face any further problems. Also, they provide users with 24×7 active support to assist you anytime you need it.


Rooit has over 4 thousand users, so you will always have someone to interact with. Here you can join chat rooms for fun anonymous discussions and also play entertaining games, which lets you know more about people.  

The UX of Rooit pair you with similar people like you, and you get to interact in chat rooms for whatever topic you like. Another fantastic feature of this app is it has a “dear diary” chat room where you can share all your secrets with a bot. 

Cost: Free 

Quora (Apps Like Whisper)

Last but not least, Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform where one can ask questions and connect with people who share unique insights on trending topics and helpful answers. Although Quora is not wholly anonymous, one can hide their identity if they want while addressing some sensitive or intimate issues. 

Quora can be highly engaging and provide you with immensely satisfying content without even asking you to reveal your identity to others. You need to provide some necessary information during sign up.

Apps Like Whisper - Quora

On Quora, you can address various issues like politics, climate change, and natural calamities and get to know so much about the lifestyle and way of living of people in different regions of the planet. It somehow provides you with an easy and positive approach to life. 

You can join communities of your interests and even create communities of your own. Go personal texting with whoever you want and gain ample knowledge. 

Cost: Free 

Closure – Apps Like Whisper

Apart from the listed ones, there are many apps like Whisper available online to go anonymous and interact. If you are going anonymous and connecting to people on these platforms, then be sure that you are being monitored by developers.  Also, be careful while sharing information and never let them know about your personal information like address, bank account details, etc. 

Today, I shared 12 astounding apps like Whisper to go anonymous and have fun with known & alien peeps. I believe that this article satisfied all your doubts regarding apps like Whisper. If you have any suggestions or queries, then comment below, and we will respond to it shortly.

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